Rock Star Rules

Live Speaking Experience

What makes us special? Unique? Memorable? Our “magic” is at the heart of who we are and what we offer. It defines our work, guides our dreams, and outlines the stories we share.

We live in a world of nearly infinite reach where customers are a click away and anyone with a story can share their message. But doing business in a connected world has its challenges: increased competition, unlimited choices, and short attention spans. Some organizations are flourishing in the modern marketplace. Others are struggling to adapt.

In a global economy, there will always be someone who is cheaper, faster, bigger, or newer. What makes you different, helps you stand out, and encourages loyalty? How will you compete when others outspend you on advertising and undercut your price? What will you do when customers are lured with incentives to go elsewhere?

What will you offer?

A Human Connection

Today’s customers want more than another ad campaign. They demand real value and a personal relationship that goes beyond the sale. With increased purchasing power and more choices, your customers are ready to pledge their loyalty. But earning their business starts with making a connection.

“Rock Star Rules” helps organizations and individuals stand out in a noisy world. Using equal parts marketing and customer service, this powerful keynote creates a roadmap to navigate a crowded marketplace. From building one-of-a-kind experiences to offering world-class service, attendees will receive a proven strategy that cuts through the noise and drives customers to their door.

Customize Your Keynote

Just as every story is different, so is every audience. After learning about your specific needs, Patrick will customize a keynote to meet your goals or event theme. Past topics have included:

Put Your Date On Hold

Give your attendees the tools they need to succeed in a noisy world. Let’s start a conversation.

yes, put my date on hold

Put Your Date On Hold

Give your attendees the tools they need to succeed in a noisy world. Let’s start a conversation.

yes, hold my date

“The perfect speaker for our kick-off event! Patrick made a huge impact on the way our members think.” 

– Dorothy Lensner, Greater Chicago SBA


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