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We’re always searching for new ways to reach our audience. But sometimes we get so focused on the tools that we lose sight of the message. We worry about having the best business card, the most “likes,” or the coolest commercial. But are we focusing on the wrong things?

Rock Star Rules tells the stories of musicians and organizations that go beyond ads and offers to engage their audience on a human scale. What follows is an all access pass to success in business, school, and life. Through true stories, personal experience, and advice from the artists themselves, these practical lessons will help you to follow your passion, build your audience, and grow your business.

Customers today have many choices. What they want is the best value for their time and money. But what they love — what they yearn for — is a personal connection that goes beyond the sale. By focusing on being more human, more helpful, and creating a meaningful experience, we can stand out from the pack while touching the hearts of those we serve.

Today’s customers are looking for something more… they’re looking for something to love.

What do they love about you?


Unleash your inner rock star.

The lights dim, the crowd roars, and the artist takes the stage. For 25 years, Patrick Hartory has guided the careers of music’s top artists and performers. Now he’s hitting the road visiting conferences and college campuses, helping students and attendees reach their own rock star potential. With passion, knowledge, humor, and stories you won’t hear anywhere else, Patrick prepares your audience for the tour of a lifetime.

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